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What is an Occupational Therapist?

What is the role of the occupational therapist?

The role of the occupational therapist is to break down and simplify tasks and provide the appropriate amount of sensory information within the environment. Providing a “just right” fit to allow for success within the environment is the goal of therapy. The O.T. can aid the child in developing and building upon skills that impact the child’s holistic development. The therapist at Move to Learn Learning will develop a treatment plan to address your child’s areas of need.

What is Sensory integration?

Sensory integration is the process in which the brain organizes and uses sensory information. The seven sensory systems that receive sensation are the tactile system (touch), visual system (sight), auditory system (hearing), gustatory system (taste), olfactory system (smell), vestibular system (movement), and the proprioceptive system (body position). Problems with the sensory system will impact how a child interacts to and responds with their environment, therefore impeding both academic and functional learning.

What is Motor Planning?

Motor planning (praxis) is the ability to use our bodies and our hands for skilled tasks including but not limited to navigating playground equipment, using a pencil or feeding utensil, and getting dressed. Motor planning includes “knowing” what to do and “how” to do an activity. Motor planning is vital for successful interaction with the environment.

What is our passion?

At Move to Learn, our passion is working with families to problem solve ways to meet their child’s daily needs at home, school and in the community. We have developed a treatment model that utilizes functional play in combination with sensory integrative techniques and behavioral modification to provide therapy that facilitates growth and development. Whether working with children on how to brush their teeth, navigate jungle gyms, follow multiple step directions, sign their name or tie their shoes, we aim to put the fun in functional.

How do we collaborate?

Collaboration with the families is one of our favorite parts of practice. Being moms and having crazy schedules have helped the MTL therapists take a realistic approach in my efforts to guide and support parents. A child having OT, or for that matter any service, for one hour a week is not going to elicit the change that is necessary if there is not parent follow through. Therefore, supporting parents is essential for the holistic growth of the child. We also work with other disciplines to afford each child comprehensive intervention.

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