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    Move to Learn, LLC’s mission is to provide comprehensive occupational therapy services to children and adolescents. At Move to Learn, we believe that movement is central to solidifying learning. Through movement, we teach skills from play to self-care. We focus on affording children and adolescents the opportunity to maximize their potential in the least restrictive environment. We focus on helping every client bolster their functional independence while attending to and advocating for the holistic needs of the individual.

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At the core of learning, Megan identified that movement was the central factor.

Move to Learn provides occupational therapy services in the private-clinic setting, school-based setting and occasional in-home setting across the greater central Ohio area. The therapists at Move to Learn work closely within a multidisciplinary team to assess, develop a plan of care, and provide the highest quality of occupational therapy services to meet each child’s individual needs and maximize your child’s potential.

The philosophy of the Move to Learn therapist is to provide a child-centered, sensory rich approach. Our therapists break down and simplify tasks and provide the appropriate amount of sensory information within the environment. Providing a “just right” fit to allow for success within the environment. Our OT’s aid the child in developing and building upon skills that impact the child’s holistic development. This, in conjunction with constant and consistent collaboration with the child’s family and team, allows for the highest quality of service to meet each child and young adult's needs.

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About Us: About


Movement is central to learning

Move to Learn was founded by Megan Bouscher, OTR/L who continues to practice in the central Ohio area. Megan’s motivation in starting Move to Learn was to have a small practice that centered on the individual child. With a child centered focus, Megan understood that collaboration with parents/caregivers and all members of the child’s team was imperative in assisting every child in maximizing their potential. Megan’s goal in starting MTL was to create a sensory rich environment where children and their families felt supported and nurtured. In a nurturing environment that fosters sensory exploration, children gain confidence in their abilities. When a child is confident and feels supported, their potential is unleashed. The supportive environment at Move to Learn is the stimulus for growth and development, sparks constant collaboration, and is a catalyst for fostering and facilitating independence for every child.

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