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Testimonials: Testimonials

As a kindergarten teacher for twenty-five years, I have worked professionally with Megan Bouscher for most of those years. I have recommended Megan as an Occupational Therapist to parents to work with students who struggle with their “job” of being a successful student. Traditionally this involved the fine motor skills of writing, cutting, and dressing.  But over the years I learned Megan was a resource to help with motor planning, sensory modulation, body regulation and awareness, and visual perception. Megan is full of warmth and encouragement, but also has a gift for knowing how to push each student to meet his or her potential.  Megan’s skill as an Occupational Therapist has helped so many of my students, but also made me a better teacher from being able to communicate with her over the years.  Time with Megan or her colleagues would be a gift for any child.

Holly R. - Kindergarten Teacher

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